Momentum can make or break you.

Like most things in life, I’ve learned the hard way.

If you are a sports fan, you already understand momentum.  A mediocre team takes the field and struggles.  THen suddenly a player breaks out and does something amazing.    That one event catapults the rest of the team forward, and slowly they chip away at the lead stealing momentum from the champs.  The tide turns and the underdog swaggers off the field in victory.

Big Mo…momentum, you’ve felt it and seen it.

It can take you down or lift you up.

When you have don’t let it go, but build upon it.  Momentum has enemies though.  Dark Forces lurk around the person with momentum trying to steal.

It could come in the form or distraction or tragedy, but it is there.  Steven Pressfield calls it the Resistance.  Napoleon Hill calls it Drifting.  Either way, it will take you off the rails.

Last year, our real estate investing business was starting to do well.  My marketing was working.  Networking was on fire.  Deals were coming into the door, and we were helping people in dire straits with their property, then the resistance came and I gave in.

One deal was especially hard.  The person we were helping had so many issues outside of the disaster his house had become I let the emotion of the situation affect my own outcomes.  We were creating momentum in his life, but losing ours.

At nearly the same time, 2 personal home issues hit.  Any life that was left, I let go. Things got stagnant, and I almost quit.

I totally understand it when I talk with homeowners who feel burdened by life and their property.  Thankfully, we are able to lift some of that burden, but I didn’t take my own medicine.

Losing momentum is not the end of the world.  It’s not like starting from zero, but it’s close.  I began moving that ball down the field again, one yard at a time, and things began clicking again.

Is there a key to regaining momentum?  Yes, do something in your life that creates a positive result (no matter how small).  Then build upon it.  The next day find something else, then something else.  Then set goals to hit a dream.  Celebrate the small wins.  Check off those to-do lists.

The biggest key to momentum is to create a momentum magnet.  This has to be something in the future that you want to achieve, but it has to be big enough that will it pull you along when the distractions come.

You will fall off the rails, but keep looking at the prize, grab momentum by the horns and ride it off into the sunset.




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